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PARENT-TOT: 18 – 36 months-36 months  Saat.; 11:50-12:20  30 min
A class for the parent and young child to explore and learn the “world of gymnastics”. Learn how to “play” gymnastics and have a great bonding time with your child.  Children enjoy movement and physical activity at a young age.  The results are long lasting. 
TINY TOTS  Ages 3 - 4 yrs. (class sizes limited)  Mon 4:30-5:15  45 min; Sat. 11:00-11:45;
Children learn to work and play together in a program designed to develop basic strength, coordination,  & motor skills.  Our preschoolers develop self-awareness & confidence as they develop gross motor skills.  This is a great opportunity to allow tots to express themselves through movement.

TERRIFIC TUMBLERS  Ages 5 – 7yrs.   Thurs;4:30-5:25; Sat. 10:00-10:55
55  Min. Tumbler gymnastics is a direct progression from tots.  We continue to develop their basic skills while adding more advanced skills & emphasizing proper technique from the level 1 USAG program.
BEGINNERS  Ages 8yrs. +  Mon 6:30; Sat. 9:00-9:55

We teach movement & control in gymnastics as well as skills & routines from the level 1 & 2 USAG program while maintaining a safe and fun atmosphere for the children
 Pre Team  Ages 6+  yrs   Mon and Thurs: 5:30-7:25   1 hr 55 min minutes
Placement by teacher only according to attainment of specific skills.  Two days are required because this class is for those who have had some experience and desire faster progression and more time in the gym. Students will master level 1 skills and routines and begin work on level 2 skills and back handsprings.  When  Level 2 is mastered they may be ready for competitioon, but  WILL NOT be required to compete. (Beginning Ballet I highly recommended)
TUMBLING ONLY Ages 8+  Monday 7:30   55 minutes
A class for those students who want to learn how to tumble.  Ideal for cheerleaders or the student who wants to concentrate on achieving a round off back-handspring or more advanced tumbling.  Prefer students to have some gymnastics experience and able to do a handstand and carwheel.
FFS TEAM- By placement only Ages 6 + by teacher placement only. Parental involvement required
Mon,Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4:30 am 7:25 pm; 
Levels 3,4 and optional routines, including excell  Team competition includes 8-10 meets per year beginning in January. AAU sanctioned (all levels).  Bi-monthly Booster Club meetings, Parental involvement required.  2 hr 55 min   (175 min) $50/month team fee paid to Booster Club. 
Sports Preparation and Fitness for young boys ages 6+  Thursday 7:30 if enrollment is sufficient.  This class will be offered 3rd session only.
Boys will work on strength and conditioning using gymnastics apparatus and a variety of exercises.  All aspects of fitness are developed in gymnastics making it a great program for any sport preparation or just for fun and fitness.

All classes subject to change or be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment



Owned and directed by Hope Kornfeld of Moundridge

Beginning September 12th

Call 316-393-5900

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